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Comfort Shield® MDS® Comfort Shield® SD


Comfort Shield® imitates the behaviour of the natural tear. High viscosity in the open eye guarantees high stability of the tear film. Low viscosity during blinking provides good lubrication for the eye lid and an evenly distribution of the tear film without the streaking and blurred vision known after the application of eye gels. The excellent performance without visual compromises after application can be achieved by the use of a low concentration of Hylan A, which is hyaluronic acid with an extremely high molar mass.

Notwithstanding their very high viscosity in the open eye, with every blink Comfort Shield® eye drops are evenly distributed over the corneal surface, avoiding blurred vision. The reduction of the viscosity induced by the shearing force of the eye lid protects the sensitive surface of irritated eyes during blinking.

Comfort Shield® eye drops are available preservative free in a 10ml bottle (Comfort Shield® MDS®) and in reclosable single doses (Comfort Shield® SD). Comfort Shield® MDS® contains approximately 300 drops and can be used for six months after opening.

The presence of hyaluronic acid with very long molecular chains can be demonstrated by the filament created when a drop is hold between two fingers and the fingers a moved apart, or by the flow on an oblique plate.

Comfort Shield® contributes to the reconstitution of the homoeostasis in cases of dry eyes and inflamed eyes. Comfort Shield® eye drops can be used universally to treat irritations of the ocular surface. They provide special relief in cases of chronic inflammation and severe dry eyes like

  • Injuries to the cornea, recurrent erosions, corneal and/or conjunctival surgery
  • Rheumatic diseases of the eye (e.g. Sjögren syndrome)
  • Allergic reactions involving the ocular surface
  • Chronic inflammations of the ocular surface (e.g. Stevens Johnson syndrome, SJS, Lyell syndrome, trachoma)
  • Hormonal disturbances, menopause