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Which problems of the ocular surface should be treated with products of i.com medical?

Our state of the art research and development is designed to bring your eyes back to balance.

The eye as the most important sensory organ needs particular care. Even a seemingly healthy eye may lose its natural balance due to a diversity of influences and irritations.


The dry eye is one of the most common diagnostic findings and has a variety of progression forms:

Severe irritations and/or chronic inflammations like

  • Injuries to the cornea, erosion, corneal surgery
  • Hormonal disturbances, menopause
  • Rheumatic diseases (e.g. Sjögren syndrome)
  • Allergic reactions (also seasonal)
  • Adverse effects of drugs

Transient irritations due to

  • Air conditioning, wind, cold, dry heat, dust,smoke, air pollution
  • Contact lens wear, Ortho-K lenses, scleral lenses
  • Work at a computer screen, long car driving, long-haul flights
  • Swimming in chlorinated water

Hyaluronic acid to treat eye irritations and eye problems!

i.com medical GmbH is one of the globally leading manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceuticals based on hyaluronic acid. We are committed to treat eye problems fast and effectively, relying on substances that exist naturally in the eye. Even allergic sufferers can use our products without any problem.

We are looking forward to talking about our internationally approved products Comfort Shield® and Comfort Tears® to you face-to-face.

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