Eye drops -
the correct application is what counts

Using eye drops sounds easier than it is. To benefit from their full effect, the following procedure is generally recommended:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly so that dirt or germs do not get into your eyes.
  • Tilt your head back, carefully pull your lower eyelid down and look up.
  • Hold the vial or disposable container close over the eye, but do not touch the eye.
  • Instill the drops at the lower edge of the eye.
  • Then release the eyelid and close the eyes.

For technical reasons, Comfort Shield® MDS requires a little more pressure on the bottle, which can cause problems for older people, for example. In this case we recommend using the single dose of Comfort Shield® SD.


56968778 comfort shield mds

Comfort Shield® MDS®

56968781 comfort shield sd

Comfort Shield® SD

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Comfort Tears® MDS®

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