Diabetes - the invisible widespread disease

About 7 million people in Germany are affected by diabetes. It is an insidious disease – especially if it remains undetected for a long period of time and causes irreparable damage to vessels, nerves and organs without being noticed. The health of the eye is particularly at risk with diabetes, e.g. through oedema and circulatory disorders which can lead to detachment of the retina and thus to blindness. Increasing damage to the nerves in the cornea of the eye leads to an irreversible disturbance of the ocular surface. Dry eye occurs and with it increased inflammation of the eyelid margin and conjunctiva.

Comfort Shield® eye drops have been clinically proven to stimulate the growth of the nerves in the cornea in patients with severe dry eyes. It therefore seems to be beneficial for all diabetics to use Comfort Shield® eye drops prophylactically, but in any case, at the latest when dry eye symptoms begin.


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