Contact lenses - Stress for the eye

About 3% of Germans correct their ametropia with contact lenses; in neighbouring countries such as the Netherlands and in the USA, the proportion of contact lens wearers is much higher. Nevertheless, it should not be overlooked that contact lenses are a strong mechanical strain on the eyelid margins and cause a considerable disturbance of the balance of the ocular surface. The natural barrier function against microorganisms, pollen and pollutants from the environment is weakened. The tear film also changes in quantity and composition. The strain on the eye is particularly severe when Ortho-K contact lenses, which are worn in cases of progressive myopia, are used or scleral lenses, which are used in cases of keratoconus, a corneal disease.

Comfort Shield® provides effective protection against mechanical stress on the eyelids and the surface of the eye. In addition, Comfort Shield® minimizes tear evaporation, provides long-lasting moisturization and thus prevents dry eye and its symptoms such as redness, burning, stinging, light sensitivity.

Contact lenses

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