Comfort Shield®: more than eye drops. The solution for problems around the eye.

Thanks to the particularly high-quality and long-chain hyaluronic acid Hylan A, Comfort Shield® not only ensures that the dry eye is permanently moisturised, but also protects the eye surface in a unique way. Accompanying symptoms of dry eye such as itching, burning, stinging, redness and inflammation can thus subside more quickly. A clinical study demonstrates that Comfort Shield® can even contribute to the regeneration of damaged nerve cells in the cornea.

Comfort Shield® is available without a prescription, does not contain any preservatives and contains only ingredients that occur naturally in the eye.

It is suitable for all contact lenses, especially for Ortho-K contact lenses, or for scleral lenses, which place particularly high mechanical stress on the eye.

The formula of Comfort Shield® is so unique and so effective that we have filed a patent application.

augentropfen comfortshield

Stressed eyes - Comfort Tears® offers relaxation.

VDU work, contact lenses, dry ambient air – our eyes are under constant stress. Comfort Tears® hyaluronic acid eye drops mimic the natural tear film and offer the eye immediate recovery from everyday stress. They are preservative-free and contain only ingredients that are naturally present in the eye.

Comfort Tears® can be used with all types of contact lenses.

For more severe irritation or inflammation, Comfort Shield® is recommended.

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