The aging process - eyes open and through

They say that getting older is not for cowards. The eyes are also affected by the aging process, which can manifest itself as reduced vision and dry eyes. The reason for this is that the tear fluid not only decreases but also evaporates more quickly due to a change in its composition. In addition to the natural aging process of the eye, there are also changes in the hormone balance (menopause) and diseases such as diabetes, which can have a severe impact on eye health.

The intake of drugs such as beta-blockers against high blood pressure or diuretics against water retention also increases with age and, due to side effects, promotes the occurrence of dry eyes.

Not to be forgotten is the increasing number of operations in older age, such as cataract surgery, which strongly interfere with the healthy balance of the eye.

Eye drops such as Comfort Shield® cannot stop the ageing process, but they can compensate for the diminishing tear gland function, provide long lasting relief from symptoms of diseases such as diabetes and alleviate side effects of medication with lasting effect.

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